How it Works


Tyresurf allows customers to search by tyre size or via registration lookup. Customers can also list preferences such as budget and driving style to return a suitable selection. These are listed by brand and if specified, can feature seasonal and specialist options as well as promotions, such as winter tyres.

Once the customer has selected their tyres, they can book an appointment to have them fitted at their nearest branch and on their preferred date. Additional services such as wheel alignment can be added to Tyresurf, giving further up sell opportunities.


Full integration into Stapletons’ Profitlink system improves functionality even further. Tyre types, stock, imagery and details are automatically added, and dealers can add their own margin onto the retail price to be automatically applied. PayPal online payment module can be added to the system so payments can be collected securely online.

“The UK tyre industry is worth around £2bn, with over 32 million car tyres replaced each year – and it’s a growing market. Franchised retailers have been left behind by fast-fits, which promote and offer bookings for tyre fitting online, allowing these outlets to dominate the market. NetDirector Tyres removes the fast-fit advantage by enabling franchised retailers to offer the same convenience via their website.”

Tim Smith, Group Strategy Director, GForces, 2014


  • Promote tyre types – Specific brands, patterns or types of tyres can be promoted in line with seasonal demands (i.e. winter tyres) and what manufacturers may be doing. In addition, businesses can concentrate on the profile of their franchises, opting to specialise in high performance or 4X4 tyres.
  • Full integration with Stapletons’ Profitlink system. This feeds stock and pricing information straight from Stapletons as well as feeding orders placed to the nearest warehouse for dispatch to the relevant location.

Click here to see Tyresurf in action.